Jimmy Buffett worshiping Parrot Heads take partying with a purpose to the next level. Over 200 Parrot Head chapters across the country and around the world have raised almost $40 million dollars for local and national charities. Add in over 3 million hours of volunteer work and even Warren Buffett would be proud of those numbers. Jimmy might not have known in 1985 when fellow Coral Reefer, Tim Schmidt, started calling their followers “Parrot Heads” that the name would stick, let alone manifest into tens of thousands of loyal philanthropic followers. The first Parrot Head club was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989. This November will mark the 24th annual Meeting of The Minds (MOTM) in Key West. Our first Trails & Tales Walking Tour  actually began 18 years ago at MOTM.  Loyal followers of Jimmy’s music, kindness, and lifestyle will hang “Gone Fishin’” signs on the home tiki bar and pack up their coconut bras and floral shirts as they head for our little island just north of Havana.

If you want to know where to eat, drink, or be merry we’ve got plenty of suggestions. We can put you in a boat, on a paddle board, or in a bar. After you’ve taken one of our walking tours you’ll have some stories you want to share with new friends. The collective entertainment value of the sights and sounds of Key West can be overwhelming on its own, but when you think about the musical talent on the various stages during MOTM you may need some help in narrowing down your many options. Click to check out the lineup of events for Meeting Of The Minds 2015. The Main Casa Marina Beach Stage will be trop rocking all week long building up to the Margaritaville Street Fest at the Corner of Duvall & Flemming Friday at 1pm. Thousands of Parrot Heads will Phlock in front of Jimmy’s Margaritaville Restaurant to see Don Middlebrook and the Pearl Divers and The Young Rebel Goombas under that Blue Key West sky. Jimmy Buffett himself graced that very stage 4 years ago in a surprise appearance at the 20th annual MOTM. You never know who else might show up this year.

Meeting Of The Minds 2015 Schedule Of Events

Our walking tours at Trails and Tails are a favorite activity among Parrot Heads and highlight the stories of notable locals like Jimmy, former mayor Captain Tony, and current traveling trop rock singer-songwriter, Howard Livingston. We dig deep into Key West’s rich history of pirates, politicians, and pioneers on the island. Seasoned and amateur supernaturalists are drawn to our Top Ranked (#1 on Trip Advisor) Ghost & Mysteries Tour. But for Meeting Of The Minds 2015 there’s no question that the most popular tours will always be about Jimmy Buffett. We know where, when, and why Jimmy played where he did… and who he was with. Much of our Buffett trivia won’t be found in any book or in any song. We can also mix and match aspects of other tours to build you a custom experience. You can take an entirely new custom designed tour every year during MOTM or anytime of year.

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