Amazingly I’ve been presenting our Trails and Tales of Key West walking tour for almost 18 years, originally it was called the Trails and Tales of Margaritaville. We put the tour together for the annual gathering of Parrot Heads here in Key West known as The Meeting of the Minds, as we had diehard Jimmy Buffett fans in town and thought it would make an interesting addition to the four day event whereby the fans could learn some of the history of Jimmy’s life on the island, background behind some of his most popular songs as well as insight into some of the other amazing characters that roamed the island and influenced his music. It turned out to be quite popular and the folks at Margaritaville said “You can do that all the time if you’d like”. So suddenly I was in the walking tour business, which is way too much fun to call a ‘real’ job; simply walking and sharing stories and the history of our amazing little island (the cool part is I don’t have to make any of this stuff up!)

As you can imagine the stories have grown throughout the years and as there are too many to fit into a 90 minute stroll it seemed like a good idea to start sharing them in this blog. It will include tales and snipits from the island, from the road, and a few others that are just too good to leave out. As we carry on I look forward to your feedback, questions and any personal insights or stories that you might like to share.

It’s been my pleasure to gather, research and take part in a number of the incredible stories and experiences our little island has to offer. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you! Thanks for joining me! Let’s have some PHUN!

If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background as an entertainer or how I met Jimmy Buffett, just follow the links.   

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