The crew at TRAILS AND TALES OF KEY WEST, Key West’s most entertaining walking tour, is looking forward to having you join us on our 18th Annual MOTM Tour!! You won’t want to miss this two hour WALKING PARTY, where you follow in the footsteps of the Island’s legendary Characters and see the locations where […]

The months preceding the 20th annual Meeting of The Minds in the Fall of 2011 were dripping with anticipation in Parrot Head camps. Hearsay and supposition that Jimmy Buffett would make a surprise appearance at each of the last 19 MOTM’s was commonplace. This year was somehow different. Even local skeptics started to believe. The almost […]

Jimmy Buffett worshiping Parrot Heads take partying with a purpose to the next level. Over 200 Parrot Head chapters across the country and around the world have raised almost $40 million dollars for local and national charities. Add in over 3 million hours of volunteer work and even Warren Buffett would be proud of those numbers. Jimmy might […]

Amazingly I’ve been presenting our Trails and Tales of Key West walking tour for almost 18 years, originally it was called the Trails and Tales of Margaritaville. We put the tour together for the annual gathering of Parrot Heads here in Key West known as The Meeting of the Minds, as we had diehard Jimmy […]

This was an interesting Jimmy Buffett tour; and as it’s the theme for this year’s MOTM (Meeting of the Minds) Parrot Head Convention in Key West, FL. I thought I’d share a few stories from 1997 when it was Jimmy’s tour title. The show and set followed the theme of course, the backdrop was a […]

For those of you visiting for the first time, I guess a bit of background is in order, so here are my cliff notes. I am a magician, and throughout the ‘80’s I was based in Orlando performing close up magic, sleight of hand and stage productions for the convention and corporate market. In 1989 […]

So to pick up where we left off in part 1… After a number of attempts to get through the web of people and misinformation that seemed to surround Jimmy Buffett, I was talking with my promoter friend that had been sitting next to him at the All Star Game and he said “If you […]

It was 1991, and The Orlando Magic as one of the newest teams is the league had the opportunity to host the NBA ALL STAR GAME. We had established The Sports Magic Team as a regular fixture of each home game’s entertainment with our interactive performers playing with the crowd during intermissions and timeouts throughout […]